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292 – Despair

ok guys so we’re back from Further Confusion, oh man what a blast! FC is always fun, and it was great to room with the chillest gang ever FUN COVEN aurelina-b, ichorcomic, splithares, spookyzomo, and happy-go-ugly, and to see so many old friends like Athelind, Xaxoqual, Zippiner, Skitzycat, Jwb, Grendel, Timkangaroo, Bearsculptor, TKdye, Sigil, Auroralicious, Kailys, Kilcodo, and so many more, not to mention meeting awesome new people like Pierrezaius, Ribnose, Boarhound and Bowlingballhead so I could gush about his book. Also very excited to meet IanJay and Trumpetshark and get a copy of their totally rockin’ Rock and Rule zine.  Very fun all round. Talking is hard.

I missed most of Saturday because I made poor life decisions  ie I went to the Klingon party on Friday and had some sort of shot and then spent the rest of the night and much of the following day vomiting and shaking. So remember you should always drink responsibly.

One of the major highlights was seeing the very first MURRY PURRY FRESH AND FURRY ( collection come out from Jarlidium Press! This is very exciting, so if you weren’t able to pick up your copy, you should head over to collection come out from Jarlidium Press! This is very exciting, so if you weren’t able to pick up your copy, you should head over to and get yourself a copy. IT’S CHEAP and will help you make better life decisions than I did.

The big news, though, is that Aurelina and I had our furry found footage panel on Sunday night. As Podcastigation fans know, Aurelina and I spend most of our free time scouring thrift stores and dumpsters for weird old VHS tapes that we then compile the furry bits into context-free dada mondo video cinema verite art installations.  So it was 40 minutes of dogs teaching you about gun safety, frogs teaching you about Jesus, and random clips from 90s furry cons.  Due to mistakes on my part the conbook didn’t specify that it was a found footage event, so I wasn’t sure if we would get thr right crowd showing up, but it looks like the FC rumor mill was in full force because EVERYONE was there. We had an AMAZING turn-out, all the cool kids came by. And, wow, we were really blown away by the response! People were going crazy! We started the evening with a short game with some fabulous prizes, meaning that people had the chance to win ACTUAL VHS TAPES that you could play in ACTUAL VCR MACHINES! I was actually pretty surprised by how many people claimed to still have VCRs! After that, we kicked off with our traditional “Dinosaucers” opener before launching into our feature presentation.  Response was really phenomenal, but unfortunately we didn’t think ahead to bring copies of our DVD. Oh well!

A couple big surprises: When the panel was opening, this group of folks in giant shutter shades and alligator hats and whatnot come piling in and sit on the floor in front because we were already out of seats by then, and I was thinking “Okay, these dudes look like a thrift store exploded on them, so they are clealry hipsters and that means we’re reaching the right demographic.” So that was pretty exciting to start, but then it turned out that it was really Prawst and the Adventure Cru, so that was pretty wild. Very happy that they enjoyed the panel too!

Perhaps even more surprising that it turned out someone IN OUR VIDEO PRESENTATION WAS IN THE ACTUAL ROOM!!! Many of the clips from Confurence 96 featured con chair Rod O’Reilly, and it turned out that he had overheard about the event. So he dropped by and was just a totally awesome guy about the whole thing. Really a class act!

A lot of people said that they also had footage to donate for next year’s video, so I’ll be getting in contact with each of you soon. JUST YOU WAIT.

For those of you who didn’t get a chance to buy a copy of the SHOW FURRY FOUND FOOTAGE DVD, you can contact me with your paypal and I’ll send you a payment request. The DVD is $20 (that includes all shipping charges) and includes the 40 minute video premiered at our FC panel plus a second 40 minute video never before seen by the public.  Also, just for the hell of it, it’s got some scanned covers from various VHS tapes that we found that we thought were especially amusing.

So all in all, a great con! Can’t wait to start work on next year’s presentation now that we have so much more material to work with. Keep watching this space for updates!


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