Malleus Maleficarum!
256 – Land of Lost Objects

That’s where all those lost socks go.  HAR HAR I’m a comedian from 1988!


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  1. Benny

    Are you shure you dont want to be pigwiggy and that expression.

  2. osaryes

    So that’s where lost stuff goes to collect dust, right?

    Even… LOST SOULS??! OoO

  3. Agouti-Rex

    @Benny: She REALLY wants him to be Pigwiggy!

  4. butts

    nate is bougie and can’t see how living in a flea market would be really awesome

    also as someone who wears glasses I like how you use nate’s glasses as a replacement for eyebrows

  5. Agouti-Rex

    It’s like Dexter’s Lab glasses!

  6. Bowlingballhead

    Sometimes I’m like ‘Should I give him advice, or is that rude?’

  7. Agouti-Rex

    Do you mean advice for me, the author, or advice for Nate, the character?

  8. Bowlingballhead

    For you! There ain’t no advice for Piggywiggy. Piggywiggy might as well put on barbecue flavored lipstick and stuff himself with cornbread.

  9. Mr. Casual

    Heya, A.R. Love the new comic. :) You have a way of making cute creepy things.

  10. Agouti-Rex

    @Bowlingballhead: I always appreciate good advice!

    @Mr. Casual: Thanks! High praise, indeed!

  11. LinusMines

    [cue Bogmoggy's snappy show tune about how fun it is living beneath the bed]

  12. Agouti-Rex

    @ Linusmines: Unda da bed! Unda da bed! It’s not unda da sea, so there are no cetaceans, just flesh eating abominations!

    …poetry is not my strong suit XP

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