Malleus Maleficarum!
265 – Bringing Down the House

It does make you feel better.  Works for me at least!


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  1. osaryes

    Dohoho! Someone’s jelly! Lemon jelly!

    Ok, no. I’m not the shipping kind. That’s stupid. If Becky’s somehow like Rags, she must be a raging lezzie; ’cause all webcomics seem to have at least one.

  2. Mr. Casual


  3. Agouti-Rex

    Soggy boglets

  4. admin

    @Osaryes: She might be. Her motives are shrouded in mystery so far XD

  5. quietlythundering

    I remember being annoyed with church as a kid. We were never too religious, but for about a year, my mom caught the bug and we went every Sunday and the occasional Wednesday. I was always stuffed into the kids room (I was about…10? Too old for children ministry’s antics), where they would always do some kind of combo of “LET’S-SING-SONGS-fingerpaint-watch-veggie tales!!!!” I still hate Veggie Tales.

  6. Agouti-Rex

    We were the same. My family wasn’t very religious so I’m not sure why they felt like I needed CCD. I think it was because I was their first kid so they were kind of winging it and just assumed that kids need religion or they’ll grow up wrong.

  7. LinusMines

    Veggie Tales…those things give me the stop-its.

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