Malleus Maleficarum!
284 – The Visit

Now they’re going to see what Dark World looks like! About damn time.


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  1. Mr. Casual

    Nate already saw it, though! Well, a part of it. A cell and a blank sky.

    Becky, wash your eyelids, dangit!

  2. butts

    I like the slanted bookshelf, reminds me of day of the tentacle

  3. admin

    @Mr Casual: But now it’s time to see it ALL! And eyelids can only be washed by tears but BEcky NEVER CRIES, ergo her filthy eyes.

    @Butts: Thanks! That was a big influence on my work XD

  4. Delciver

    Spoilers: Its DARK!

    >X3 This’ll be a fun cultural exchange.

  5. admin

    Don’t worry, it’s not THAT dark! Well, maybe it kind of is…

  6. quietlythundering

    She doesn’t know what FRIENDS are?!
    QUICK, somebody run and get all of the My Little Pony episodes you can gather!!!!!

  7. Agouti-Rex

    That’ll learn her! XD

  8. Benny

    Re reading this, it jumps to my mind that little Raggs and Boogmoggy could be great friends if they ever met each other, They are both from a tough world, dont have any schooling and are both rebellious and lives by their own rules.

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