Malleus Maleficarum!
285 – Confrontation

Becky is going to get to the bottom of this!

So, semi-related, we just watched an interesting documentary about sleep paralysis called The Nightmare.  It’s pretty good, even though it’s mostly people recounting their experiences with night terrors. It was kind of disappointing that they didn’t go into the actual scientific theory behind night terrors at all.  I mean, I don’t mind that it’s mostly personal anecdotes, but a documentary like this really needs to touch on the sciencey part or the whole thing just feels unfinished.  It’s all well and good to talk to some random person who thinks that her nightmares are messages from demons or something, but you gotta at least acknowledge that’s not really the accepted explanation by today’s leading dreamologists.  But in any case, it’s all pretty interesting.  It’s fascinating to see how the hallucinations and sensations of dream paralysis really cut across culture, so people all over the world tend to have similar bad dreams.

It’s funny, I had lots of nightmares as a kid but never had any night terrors until I was an adult.  My wife says that I tend to have them relatively frequently –at least she says I wake her up when I thrash out of them — but I rarely have the vivid hallucinations that a lot of people report.  Usually I just feel an overwhelming sense that there’s something evil in the room with me and that I need to wake up immediately or I’m going to die.

The one time that I remember having a concrete night terror complete with accompanying dream was when I was doing some research for a comic and I wanted to find the names of witch’s familiars, so I was surfing aound the internet, finding names and writing them down.   Anyway, I compile this big list of demon names.  So that night I go to sleep and I have this horrible nightmare, the sort of nightmare that you see in a horror movie to indicate that a demon is around.  Basically, I was moving around the apartment. But I wasn’t really walking… I was moving in this weird, sped-up way… like how they do it in a lot of Japanese horror films now? The fast, jerky way where it looks like there are frames missing from the film?  Like the nurses in the Silent Hill movie.  And I can’t find her, but I lift up my hands and I see that they are covered in blood

And as I do this, I suddenly start getting flashes of satanic symbols – you know, pentagrams, goat heads, that sort of shit – like someone inserted extra frames into the film and the list of demon names just starts scrolling in front of me, like the end credits of a movie.

Then I wake up and I was all OH SHIT THERE ARE DEMONS IN THE ROOM WITH ME, I CALLED THEM INTO EXISTANCE AAAAA  Of course, in the harsh light of morning, I was all HAHA WHAT A GULLIBLE MAROON I AM. But at night, well, it can scare ya but good.



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  1. butts

    the nightmare was super good and that dream sounds awesome as hell

  2. Failbird105

    I know that face, that’s not a good face, ya see that face right there, that’s either the “I’m offended and leaving now” face, or the “I’m going to eat you/get you eaten” face. The two are very similar faces

  3. Mr. Casual

    Duplicate alert! “why we should we trust this thing!”

    Y’know, for someone who trusted Evil Santa and his Swarte Piets, Becky’s not got much of an open mind. Maybe she got paranoid after that.

  4. Agouti-Rex

    TV told her to trust Santa, but not to trust under-the-bed monsters. She’s kind of gullible like that! XP

  5. admin

    @Butts: You WOULD think that was awesome, you death metal goon you XD

    @Failbird: Neither of those faces sound like something you’d want to see. And they’re even harder to distinguish when you’re dealing with someone who actually MIGHT eat you!

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