Malleus Maleficarum!
297 – Beware the Snatchengrabber 2

I couldn’t think of a good title for this, so it’s just Beware the Snatchengrabber 2.

I suppose every character I create has a little bit of me in them — that’s surely true for all creators — but I think this mean jerk of an older sister is probably the most personal character that’s ever appeared in my work.

Also remember, January is AN URCHIN EVERYDAY! I don’t know why I’m reminding you, it’s not like there’s anything to get hyped for. I’m just going to satisfy my inexorable need to draw goofy weird-looking kids.


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  1. Bowlingballhead

    It’s true! Soon, the Snatchengrabber’s hate will become so tumescent that it will explode out of your sister’s body, still wearing her freaky ugly nose-and-ear-pieceless glasses, and completely ignore you because it has become so ugly it can no longer perform basic actions like walking, coherent visual identification of anything, or even breathing.

  2. butts

    I’m hype

  3. Agouti-Rex

    Shhh, you’ll give away the secret ending!

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