Malleus Maleficarum!
299 – Lil’ Ragamuffin and Percy

And now it’s time for AN URCHIN EVERYDAY January! Yaaaaay!

Also known as Red Rags, Black Ashes, Kid Pilliwinks, The Firebrat, God’s Murder, The Corpse Maker, and The Bane of Queen Molly, Lil’ Ragamuffin is considered one of the most dangerous and unpredictable of the 1919 Garbagetown Urchin brood.  She was at first incorrectly identified as an urchin of Reinhoffer-Ootz type #12A: Unaffiliated Steppenurchin by undercover Urchinfinder agents, but more recent researchers have reclassified her as an urchin of type #34C: Ankle-Biter.

Facts on File: Completed the ritual. Sees lines without lines after replacing her eyes with those of a cat. Accomplished on the gypsy fiddle, competent on washboard bass. Knowledgable poisoner.  Although illiterate, she does understand hobo signs. A former pugilist, once known on the baby brawling circuit as “Kid Pilliwinks.”  Her greatest fight lasted twenty three rounds against reigning bare-knuckle champion “The Hungarian.” She has a tattoo on her back – a weeping swallow under a banner that reads “Dysentary Kills Slowly.” Died for the first time in 1925 from hypothermia, and again in 1928, also from hypothermia.

Lil’ Ragamuffin has never sworn a spittleoath to any Swarmlord, but will often join forces with the Upper East Side swarm known as the Apple Cobbler Gang.

After pupation*, Lil’ Ragamuffin briefly worked in a munitions factory making bombshells for allied forces during World War II, where she was believed to be the mastermind of the alleged plot to kill Hitler’s dog.  Sir Percival Throckmorton Scruffs worked in the US army chemical weapons division and was instrumental in developing The Smell that Could Kill.

*The rare urchins who reach the age of 13 will often metastasize into hoboes or hoodlums, depending on how much royal jelly they consumed during their larval stages.


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  1. Bowlingballhead

    Little known fact: This!.jpg IS Little Ragamuffin post-pupation! Notice her bombshells, which were very popular. Also check out those guns.

  2. Benny

    :-D Yes a poste about Rags again! Thanks for the Urchin facts that was really informative. By the way I like her unpredictable look, Madness with a squint of deranged happiness, it seems like she has discovered the magic of heroin.

  3. admin

    @Bowlingballhead: They just had to clean her up a bit in the Photoshop of the day (ie. splicing negatives with x-acto knives, I guess?) as you can see from the original version: And not speaking of that, heeeeey, didn’t you have some advice for me? Back before the weight of your obligations stole you away? XD

    @Benny: She tends to look more deranged and feral everytime that I draw her, which is fun. She could be on heroin, but, given the time period, she’s more likely discovered opium or the tincture of belladonna here! And then there’s her secret addiction to poison sumac too…

  4. Bowlingballhead

    Do I? It’s been so long. What was I going to give you advice about? I can probably figure out what it was if I know the topic. I don’t come up with these things randomly.

  5. admin

    Not sure, it had something to do with this:

    I’m sure it was very good, whatever it was!

  6. Bowlingballhead

    Oh! No, it’s cool. You basically went with it. Less exposition, more just showing the crazy shit happening while they relationshipped.

  7. admin

    Oh cool! I anticipated your sage advice! There should be some more crazy shit coming down the pike too, so hopefully that’ll be fun :)

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