Malleus Maleficarum!
300 – Mugsy Fisticuffs

Also known as Mugsy the Monster, Mugsy the Mauler, and Mad Dog Mugsy, Mugsy Fisticuffs is an urchin of Reinhoffer-Ootz type #21A: Knuckle Dragger.  One of three original founding members of the east side swarm the Apple Cobbler Gang, Mugsy served as the gang’s inaugural toadie and occasional war chief during skirmishes with neighboring swarms.  Mugsy betrayed an oath sworn in spittle to Swarmlord No-Toes Algernon before the assembled judges of the Garbage Council during the Blood Feast of 1925, making him one of the few known accursed urchins to avoid the notice of the Dapper Lads. Mugsy died of exposure in 1931.


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  1. Mr. Casual

    Ah, shoot, I missed yesterday’s. Ah well, I’ll just comment on today’s. :P

    Going through the older crowd, are ya? Should be plenty of fodder, you created quite a few memorable jackanapes, heh. I do miss Percy, he was always my favorite. X) I’m glad Rags got her skin back, though!

    As for Mugsy, here, he’s looking more square than usual. Maybe he originated the term by the time the 40′s and 50′s came along?

  2. Agouti-Rex

    He was just ahead of his time!

    I’ll do some of the old crew first before we see some new designs.

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