Malleus Maleficarum!
336 – Into the Light

What’s this now?


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  1. Bowlingballhead


  2. admin

    Silly fellow, don’t you know that Doodles is dead? Or… or is she????


  3. Mr. Casual

    It’s the Snatchengrabber! That’s where she ran off to. Becky’s just breaking the 4th wall by acknowledging her presence in the comic recently.

  4. admin

    It could be the Snatchengrabber. So many good guesses!

    It really makes me happy to find that people actually read the comic and retain information! :) That warms the cockles of my withered blackened heart.

  5. Mr. Casual

    Paying attention, eh??

    It’s Butterwort Jr.! It’s Illemauzer!

  6. admin

    Oh my gosh! Even I don’t remember those characters! XD

  7. Bowlingballhead


  8. Mr. Casual

    It could be all those things and more!

  9. Mr. Casual

    Wait, I totally know!

    It’s Corey Feldman.

  10. admin

    @Bowlingballhead: Maybe… Because can elves even die? Or do they just not age? My knowledge of elf biology fails me!

    @Mr Casual: Oh my gosh I’m so flattered by the depth of your memories ! XD

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