Malleus Maleficarum!
340 – The Lure

Oh that’s low. So low.


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  1. butts

    when did rags go on that begbie style? :[

  2. Mr. Casual

    Cripes, Becky, you’re becoming quite the little monster, yourself. Better watch out, that’s been known to have side-effects around here.

  3. admin

    @butts: Never, that’s not Rags!

    @Mr Casual: She’s making poor life choices here.

  4. Bowlingballhead

    Aw, goat beatings! They say it’s the most honest beating there is!

  5. admin

    The only thing more honest that getting beaten by a goat is beating a goat! Sounds right to me!

    BTW, my friend Steph Cherrywell just read Don’t Tell My Parents I’m a Supervillain and loved it; she wanted to send you some fanart, so I hope it’s okay that I passed your email on to her.

  6. butts

    @agouti-rex she’s getting mean and has thugs though!

  7. Bowlingballhead

    Ask her how I reacted.

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