Malleus Maleficarum!
342 – Don’t Look Now

Now the chickens have come back to roost.  If only Becky had peripheral vision, then this might not have happened!


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  1. Benny

    Looks like auntie is about to close her deal with Bogmoggy.

  2. The Saprophyte

    The boys are probably exited to finally see real boobs.

  3. The Saprophyte

    Excited, that is, although they’re likely going to be exited shortly as well.

  4. Mr. Casual

    This is a metaphor about what happens when you bully people. A giant, big-boobed plant lady will eat you.

  5. Bowlingballhead

    It’s the permanent black eye. There’s a little retinal damage around the edges.

    Also, geez, Becky, get with the program. His name is Pigwiggy now!

  6. butts

    is that big one abbey the babysitter?

  7. admin

    @Benny: The piper is about to get paid and the chickens have come home to roost, among other aphorisms!

    @The Saprophyye: And they get to see FOUR of them too!

    @Mr Casual: That’s interesting, a few people have interpretted Belladonna as a plant. Is it the name? Maybe the lack of eyes? Not saying that she’s NOT a plant, just that I hadn’t actually thought about what she might be before… maybe she IS a plant!

    @Bowlingballhead: Becky has a different story everytime anyone asks her about her eye, but the real explanation is that she was hit in the face with a spiral notebook. I got a corneal abrasion from that once.

    @Butts: Nope, this is Belladonna, not the snatchengrabber. But we’ll probably see some more snatchengrabber eventually!

  8. butts

    I got mugged real bad one time and my left eye stayed bloody for like 2 weeks, so the black eye owns

    and belladonna owns too. I figured it was babysitter abbey after giving up and going total monster since they look like the same spooky type!

  9. admin

    @butts: Getting mugged was probably a lot more severe than getting hit with a spiral notebook. I didn’t even bleed, it just hurt a lot.

  10. Mr. Casual

    @Agouti: Well, Belladonna always seemed like a plant to me. When you first see her, she’s kinda covered in moss and leaves and has what look like vines on her belly, and then there’s the name, yeah. I kinda figured she was like what you’d get if Audrey Jr./Audrey II sprouted a body, heh.

  11. Bowlingballhead

    @King-Agouti: And also, it’s Pigwiggy now! TRY TO KEEP UP, BECKY.

  12. admin

    @Mr.Casual: Makes sense! I hadn’t thought of that! Though those actually aren’t vines on her belly. Belladonna is a sexually dimorphous sort of bogeymonster ( Unlike the broodmaster, who is an asexually reproducing species of boogeymonster with only one sex.), and those things attached to her are parasitic males.. rather like deep sea anglerfish. Or rather, parasitic sporophytes, while she’s a gametophyte, since I like the idea that she’s actually plant-based. Yes, actually, I like that a lot, I’m going to steal your idea and retcon that! :)

    @Bowlingballhead: Yeah, but you know Becky’s not going to use the right name, she’s going to intentionally mispronounce it just to be a jerk.

  13. Mr. Casual

    @Agouti: It wouldn’t be the first time! XD But with complete blessing, of course. :)

    And sure, a plant-based anglerfish situation, I can see it. Wonder if the tiny sporophytes would pipe up with tiny commentary from time to time. XD They’re probably pretty brainless like that, though.

    Ah, the wonders of boogeymonster biology. You should make an “unnature” documentary about ‘em.

    @Bowlingballhead: Did Becky ever hear that name, though? I bet she’d never let Nate live it down if she did, heh.

  14. admin

    That’s true, technically Becky never heard about Nate’s secret name!

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