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343 – Snatched

I hate to toot my own horn, but I really like how Belladonna’s teeth turned out at the bottom there.  She looks like one of those things that the Maxx used to beat up.  You guys remember The Maxx? That cartoon on MTV in the 90s?  Gosh, remember the 90s? That sure was a decade!  Sometimes I remember it by using my brain to recall events from the past.  What a time to be a baby!


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  1. Mr. Casual

    She does look fantastic there!

    I remember The Maxx. Was an awesome cartoon, and really trippy. Never got to the comics, but I watched the hell out of the show. She does kinda look like an iz. A Dire Iz, heh.

  2. Bowlingballhead

    I was already an ancient, crusty old sot, and thus remember those creatures well, except during my fits of senile dementia.

    However, none of that is as important as you missing a perfect opportunity for eyeball nipples.

  3. butts

    gotta admire a monster who takes time to get their hair done

  4. admin

    Oh dire Izs! Is that what they called them? I didn’t even realize there was a name! Honestly, I never read the comics, either; I just know them from the cartoon.

    WAIT were there eyeball nipples in The Maxx? That sounds like something out of that movie, Gothic.

  5. Mr. Casual

    Nah, they were just called iz, if I’m remembering the spelling correctly. Just likening her to a D&D “dire” version of a basic creature, heh.

    And I don’t remember any eyeball-nipples in there, but it probably wouldn’t have been out of place!

  6. admin

    I mostly remember the bit where Julie complained about her weight and then looked at herself in the mirror sucking in her gut, but then gave up. It was very important to me.

  7. Bowlingballhead

    No, I’m saying that they would make Belladonna more freaky. I know that you’re devoted to classical female beauty because you’re ALL CLASS, but it’s always good to make monsters a little more monstery.

  8. admin

    Oh! Well, she totally has vaginal eyeballs; you just can’t see ‘em at this angle. How’s that for monstery? XD

  9. Mr. Casual

    I’m suddenly picturing a vagina with googly-eyes, and _thankyouverymuch_ for burning that image into my brain. X)

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