Malleus Maleficarum!
344 – Under and Away

Looks like it’s curtains for Becky! Or… is it?  We’ll have to wait a bit to find out, cuz I want to go on a slight detour before we see the fates of our heroes.  Just a little hint, some of you may remember that Guttersnipe USED to be about a street urchin and a rat. I think it’s been too long since we last looked in on them.

Belladonna is now officially a mobile plant creature, if her lack of eyes and leafy shoulder fronds didn’t make that clear.  She’s a gametophyte generation version of her…kind; those little thingies always attached to her would be the parasite sporophyte versions, I suppose.   It doesn’t make too much sense, but that’s okay: bogeymonster biology is pretty confused and nonsensical. They’re spawned in kids’ nightmares and fester in dark corners like mushrooms, but otherwise they generally all have very little in common since their appearance depends a lot on the fears of the kids they scare.  That might be why Bogmoggy isn’t yet very terrifying, since her primary contact with kids has been through Nate who isn’t scared of her.  But don’t worry, she’ll get more grotesque as she ages and learns to kill kids on her own.

Well, there you go, a lot of pointless navel-gazing about the bleak nightmare world these cuties all inhabit. THANKS FOR READING!!!


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  1. Mr. Casual

    Definitely looking forward to seeing what you’ll come up with for Rags and Percy again, as they’ve evolved so much since the comic began, and probably have again in the intervening hiatus.

    That commentary seems to bode that Bogmoggy is _destined_ to become a grotesque, kid-killing monster. X) Spoilers, man! Here I was hoping she’d become a “part of the gang” type of monster.

    Belladonna is a wonderfully freaky plant-monster, for sure. And she’s always smilin’! Got an optimistic outlook on life.

  2. butts

    I like that in the story boogeymonsters are actually real and everyone just accepts this

  3. admin

    @Mr Casual: It’s not written in stone yet. There are friendly monsters, although they’re pretty rare. It all just depends on her choices along the way…

    @Butts: They exist, but mosty just kids know about them. Adults often forget about them, cuz plot convenience!

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