Malleus Maleficarum!
345 – Spare Parts 1

Remember these two? I sure do!  Rags and Percy still have a part to play in this drama, but I really wanted to look back and see what these two scamps are up to back in 1929. You can tell it’s 1929 cuz it’s all tinted red.  Whenever I do these strips, some wag always decides to get all uppity about the color. Wah wah wah why is it red, this is highly offensive to my pedestrian sensibilities.  It’s red cuz it’s 1929, which, duh, if you’d been around to see, you’d know was also red. I hope you enjoy learning.

In the meantime, I’ve been drawing a whole bunch of child-eating monsters from folklore and literature lately for my ‘Guide to Child-Eating Monsters’ books. Since people seemed to like ‘An Urchin Everyday,’ aybe I’ll post some of them here, cuz it might be fun for some more world building.  I’ll just post ‘em on Saturdays, though, cuz EVERYDAY could get a little overwhelming, I think.


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  1. Mr. Casual

    Yay! I missed these two. :D Especially Percy. He’s my favorite. I wonder if Becky will ever have a Percy. Or maybe Nate _is_ her Percy.

    I guess Rags got better after her “skin burning and turning into a demon thing” incident? Or is this before that, canonically?

    Personally, I’m rather keen on the idea that this is some kind of reincarnation thing, that this comic is ultimately about the same group of “Guttersnipes” as they live lives in different time-periods. Plenty of fodder for ideas, there. “Guttersnipe in the Dark Ages”, “Guttersnipe in Victorian England”, “Guttersnipe in the Dystopian Future”.

    It’s like Blackadder! :O

  2. Benny

    Neat! We get to see a long lost friend again. I think Raggs is some sort of Demigod or super natural being, people cant kill her and she appears as a powerful character in Beckey and Nates dream about Santa.

  3. ludux

    Hey now, don’t think I don’t see her slipping her shoulder strap down, as she waxes rhapsodic about that apple, bearing her buxom… nothing. I think that apple just wasn’t ready for commitment.

  4. admin

    @Mr Casual: Becky DOES have a rat, although she hasn’t appeared onscreen yet. Her name is Herman (because it don’t matter to a rat if she has a boy name) and she’s just an ordinary — if adorable — pet. She doesn’t speak English since she never went to Oxford.

    @Mr. Casual & Benny: Rags’ timeline is… murky. Urchinologists haven’t been able to work out exactly what her deal is, since she’s on record as having died at least four times (once by gunshot/immolation in 1929, twice by hypothermia in 1925 and 1928, and once by industrial accident in 1946) yet continues to appear in urchin censuses into the 1980s. Census takers frequently disagree about her age, though, with some reporting that she continued to age naturally while others claim she never changed from her 1929 appearance. Most likely removing her heart rendered her deathless and ageless, but some researchers believe she’s not so much an actual urchin as an aspect of the urchin trickster god Sticky Fingers, prone to random manifestations regardless of time or space.

    @Ludux: Draw me like one of your French…tarts. Get it? Tarts? Apple tarts? Eh? Eh? XD Well, it sounded funny in my head… XP

  5. Bowlingballhead

    Bear in mind, folks, these records are from the Great Depression, urchins live outside order and civilization to begin with, and their lives are highly chaotic. Because he’s ALL CLASS, our blog host only gives us the most carefully verified historical vignettes of a heavily researched figure, but even then it’s no surprise that the stories conflict. If Urchinology were easy, you would not need experts like Agouti-Rex or his comic.

    As for the shoulder strap, the Victorians assured us that urchins are lewd and licentious, and who are we to argue with the Victorians? They have whole books speculating about the color of the panties of prepubescent girls who hadn’t been born yet, and that’s not creepy AT ALL, nope.

  6. Mr. Casual

    Percy’s licentious, too. Even has a bare back, and everything. That should be a tagline for this comic. “Chock full of licentiousness!”

  7. admin

    @Bowingballhead: Depression records are somewhat scanty, since many of the original files were burned for kindling in the winter of ’32 when the heating oil ran out. And oh yes the infamous books where you stick your thumb through a hole in the page to simulate an urchin’s panties! When you spend your day being as outwardly prudish as they were, you might just go a little overboard when the constable and the vicar aren’t watching. Such scandal! BTW, hope you’re on the mend after your ordeal!

    @Mr Casual: Percy’s COMPLETELY NAKED. Think about THAT. O__0

  8. Bowlingballhead

    But CLASSY licentiousness.

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