Malleus Maleficarum!
346 – Aswang

It’s monster Saturday! Actually, maybe monster MONDAY would be more appropriate, but who looks at webcomics on a Monday? Not me! Okay, I’ll call it SCARY monster Saturday. There, that’s some nice alliteration.  So on Saturdays, I’ll just post a little blurb about some child-eating monsters from around the world. Hopefully it’ll be as fun for you as it will be for me!

First up is THE ASWANG. During the day, the aswang of the Philippines (also known as the manananggal) looks like any other normal human. But at night, her upper torso seperates and flies through the sky, intestines trailing, in search of food. Unborn babies are her preferred meal (although she also relishes the livers and intestines of small children). She perches on the roof and snakes her tongue into the room below to suck the fetuses from pregnant women as they sleep. The aswang can only be killed if you prevent her from rejoining her two halves before dawn — if you find her hidden lower torso and sprinkle it with vinegar, she won’t be able to reconnect and will perish with the first rays of the rising sun.


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  1. Mr. Casual

    Any relation to the penanggalan? I bet they compliment each other’s intestines.

  2. admin

    Pretty similar! I think the penanggalan is Malaysian and doesn’t separate at the waist; it separates at the neck and trails all its entrails from the neck stump.

  3. Mr. Casual

    Very much so! One of my favorite D&D monsters, too, heh. Very similar concept, though, which makes me wonder if there’s some kind of cross-cultural mythology, here.

  4. admin

    It would make sense, since they have so much in common!

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