Malleus Maleficarum!
357 – The Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf is no ordinary specimen. He doesn’t hunt in a pack; he hunts alone, and with a supernatural cunning alien to his kind. He doesn’t avoid human contact — he seeks it out, and with a special relish for the young. Some posit that the Big Bad Wolf’s knowledge of human psychology runs so deep that he must have once been a man himself. If that’s true, he’s long since forsaken the human world entirely for the dark wild of the woods.


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  1. Mr. Casual

    He’s a skindancer! That explains a lot, actually.

  2. admin

    Is that like a skinwalker?

  3. Mr. Casual

    Pretty much, yeah. Similar concept found in games like Werewolf and Pathfinder.

  4. Bowlingballhead

    Obviously, a personal favorite. Historical note: In early versions of Red Riding Hood, the wolf’s interest in Red was overtly sexual. Red is the most beautiful girl in her village, there’s like a whole stripping scene, and little birds call her a slut. Some of those were also the goriest versions, with the wolf feeding Red her grandmother’s meat and blood. Modern versions of all fairy tales have been bawdlerized to Hell and back, but even by the time it got to the Brothers Grimm, Petit Chapon Rouge had been cleaned up a lot! So, if you read lines like ‘What big teeth you have!’ and think nudge-nudge-wink-wink, you are in fact reading the story as it was intended.

  5. butts

    addendum: hates axes

  6. Bowlingballhead

    The woodcutter is a very recent addition, like Victorian era! Someone thought the story needed a happy ending. Previously, the wolf won.

  7. admin

    Unrelated, my grandmother grew up on Little Red Riding Hood street in Koepenick, Germany. Of course, it’s in German, so the name was Rottkapchen Strasse, but all the streets in her old neighborhood were named after fairy tales. When I looked it up, it was right near Sleeping Beauty street (Dornroschen Strasse) and Snow White street (Schneewitchen Strasse) and also less-well-known-in-the-United-States Star Talers Street (Sterntalern Strasse).

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