Malleus Maleficarum!
056 – The Hooch Cellar

I’m often ambivalent about some of my more offensive material yet that never seems to stop me from going forward with it.  As you can see, Skunkface Sally is in blackface.  That’s because her dayjob is as a vaudeville entertainer.  Remember, this comic takes place in 1929, when blackface was still considered the height of wit.  This dubious tradition still continues today in any Michael Bay movie.  Seriously, watch any Bay film and see how the black characters are portrayed.  They’re all fat overbearing mammies or fat hooting manchildren.  It’s good that we’ve come so far as a society.

Sort of related, I’m often kind of annoyed when films and comics and whatnot whitewash history and act like the people of years gone by weren’t the racist, sexist bastards that we know they were.  Like, remember that Disney Channel film “A Kid in King Arthur’s Court” where they had black nobles in medieval England? Yeah, right, cuz we all know what a multicultural society that was. Also, have you ever noticed how so many movies set during the civil rights era act as if all white people (except the main villain of the film) were totally hunky dory with giving black people equal rights?  Now we all know that’s bullshit, but I guess filmmakers know that white America doesn’t want to see movies that’re gonna make it feel bad about how it used to lynch people and stuff.


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