Malleus Maleficarum!
394 – Empusa

Originally the beautiful daughter of Greek night goddess Hecate, Empusa was so morally dissolute that she gradually degenerated into a filthy, corrupt monster. She doesn’t discriminate in her victims — even going so far as to vampirize sleeping men — but she has a special relish for hunting and devouring the very young.

I haven’t been making many comics lately, but I have still been busy! I made a text videogame based rather closely on the Guttersnipe universe called Night House and entered it into the IFComp contest.  It won 8th place out of 58 entries, which is pretty good considering that I was working from the disdvantage of (1) being a complete unknown in the interactive fiction world, (2) entering a horror game (which is always a hard sell), (3) working in the Quest authoring system that everyone has arbitrarily decided to hate because I dunno and (4) forced to rely on an online version that times out your session after two hours.  I wans’t expecting to do very well, so I’m just stoked to be in the top ten. So all in all, a pretty positive experience! If you want to experience Night House for yourself (or any of the other quality IFComp participants), you can see them all here.  I particularly recommend ‘To the Wolves.’ That one was my favorite, though Detectiveland, A Time of Tungsten, Hill Ridge Lost and Found, The God Device, Fair, and The God Device were also stand-outs for me.

Thanks to everyone for playing! :)


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  1. Mr. Casual

    Congrats on making it into the top ten, A.R. :D I’ve always thought–were I to have artistic talent–that it’d be good to try other arts, sometimes. Might lend new qualities to your main arts. Which is always good!

    Empusa is cool, too. She looks like a . . . vampire-parrot-harpy.

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