Malleus Maleficarum!
395 – Dokkaebi

The child may protest that he wasn’t the one who broke mother’s vase, but who would believe him? Nobody wlse saw the dokkaebi responsible, because he was wearing his special cap that makes him invisible to adults. These mischievous goblins of Korea love to play pranks that get children into trouble, whether it’s breaking furniture, burning dinner, or using their magical clubs to steal parents’ most prized possessions.


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  1. Mr. Casual

    Glad you’re doing these again, they’re always fun.

  2. admin

    Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying it :)

  3. Mr. Casual

    Actually, I’m curious. Would you say all these things exist somewhere in the Guttersnipe universe?

  4. admin

    They do, in fact! They might even appear in comic someday!

  5. butts

    yo have you watched the movie Spectral? you’ll catch on super quick I think

  6. Anon

    When is the new update coming? :(

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