Malleus Maleficarum!
409 – Ominous Thunder

Boy, that lightning, huh? Or perhaps…. lightening? I could look it up, but that would take valuable time away from what’s REALLY important, which is to draw your attention to some of the new pages available under the headbar (if you’re reading this on the official website, and why wouldn’t you be?). You can see that I’ve added some links, so you can also check out some of my OTHER projects, like Furry Found Footage, the Carnival of Knowledge zines, the complete Skelevision comic series, and, most recently, all the old Muffintop comic anthologies. If you’re the sort of discerning customer who enjoys adult comics about large ladies (and I know I am!), you’ll definitely want to check out that last one.

Other than that, boy, it sure was hard to think up items for the Lil’ Ayatollah menu! Now watch as alert readers fill the comment section with much better puns just to show me up. Godamn you guys!

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  1. Bowlingballhead

    And she’d like the blue turban deal Nostradamus predicted.

    There. That is the only thing I can think to say that would make this even slightly more 80s. Millenials are going to be like ‘Isn’t it creepy she’s wearing a leotard and a fourteen year old boy is lusting after her?’ and I’m like ‘YOU WEREN’T THERE THE THING THAT WOULD MAKE PEOPLE GO WOW THIS IS PUSHING THE ENVELOPE IS THAT THE KID IS BLACK.’

  2. Mr. Casual

    Khomeini Cola? I dunno, I got nothin’.

    And I dunno, her booberth are kinda small, comparatively. But that’s okay. Small booberth need love, too.

  3. admin

    @Bowlingballhead: Yeah, every 80s property always had a weird coming-of-age storyline about a pubescent boy having a crush on a sexy older lady. But you’re right, it would be highly inaccurate to have a black protagonist. The only black people that would appear would be the toughs in a bar on the wrong side of the tracks that the protagonists visit as part of their night journey and whom they impress with their moxie ie underage drinking prowess. And the main character might also have a vaguely defined but still PG encounter with a black prostitute who would help him “become a man.”

    @Mr Casual: Khomeini cola? Goshdarn it, I KNEW someone would think of a better one XP And Mercedes’ booberth might just LOOK small, since her downstairs is so impressively furnished! XD

  4. Mr. Casual

    @Agouti: I do enjoy an impressively-furnished downstairs.

  5. admin

    @Mr Casual: The best kind!

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