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213 – Adulting like an Adult

A friend railed at me for 20 minutes about how those high-waisted jeans with random cartoon characters on them are an erly 90s rather than a late 80s thing, but, really, weren’t they both essentially the same time period? By the way, why don’t you check out my Gumroad store with a link below! It’s got a lot of stuff you might have seen before — the Muffintop comic anthologies, Furry Found Footage compilations, Carnival of Knowledge zines — but there’s some brand new stuff, too, that I’ll probably yammer on about at a later date. But for now, I’ll just leave the link there.

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  1. Mr. Casual

    So it lessens your chances of looking cool in front of the ladies. But those are ladies, and they’re looking pretty cool, and they’re generally in front of each other.

    I can only guess that smoking somehow distorts your ability to perceive reality, so that these ladies _are_ cool, but they don’t _look_ cool to each other. Or something.

  2. admin

    No no it HEIGHTENS your chances of looking cool! Cigarettes are the COOLEST things!

  3. Mr. Casual

    Ah, misread that. Silly me. I should smoke more, I guess.

  4. admin

    Couldn’t hurt! XD

  5. Bowlingballhead

    The 80s jokes are pretty funny because I’m not sure anyone younger than that remembers that smoking used to be cool. Your reproduction of ads designed to sell them to women are particularly spot on.

  6. admin

    Smoking was THE COOLEST. I remember hearing in an interview with Harold Ramis that the two biggest differences between mid-80s flick Ghostbusters and late-80s flick Ghostbusters II were 1) the advancement in special effects and 2) it was no longer normal for everyone to smoke constantly. It’s kind of incredible how quickly smoking fell out of favor! And thanks, I read a lot of lady cigarette ads to get that flavor.

  7. Mr. Casual

    It may have fallen out of favor, but it never fell out of flavor!

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