Malleus Maleficarum!
214 – Skull in 3D

I hope you all appreciate how long it took me to make that papier-mâché skull puppet.  A LONG TIME, that’s how long. I found the hat at a Michael’s Craft store.

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  1. Mr. Casual

    The hat makes it, though.

  2. Bowlingballhead

    Oh my googles, it’s an 80s universe invasion cartoon. I should have known.

  3. admin

    @Mr Casual: The hat is where it’s at!

    @bowlingballhed: Wasn’t every 80s cartoon about an invasion, though?

  4. Bowlingballhead

    Yes. I seriously have a quarter-written book based on pointing out how utterly demented and horrifying the constant 80s cartoon trope of competing alien forces fighting on an adorable kiddy world is.

  5. admin

    I am intrigued by this idea!

  6. Bowlingballhead

    After I wrote that, I was like ‘Wait, if there’s anyone in the world who would find war, torture, mutation, dysfunctional relationships, and sex in a world of candy awesome, it’s Agouti.’

  7. admin

    Wait there’s candy involved too??? Now you’re speaking my language!

  8. Nezumi

    A less grandiose name than Demonic Imperator Tyrannosatan, but he can actually talk, so that’s in his favor, at least.

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