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415 – Skeleton Invaders

It sounds like there’s a big plan behind this whole invasion thing! Gosh, could it be… a skeleton invasion? An invasion of skeletons? I can’t think of a good pun. Also this is TOTALLY different from Skeleton Warriors. For one thing, none of these skulls is made of bad 80s CGI liquid metal and voiced by Tony Jay. Man, remember that badass Tony Jay skull? LIGHT. DARK. TWO SIDES OF THE SAME COIN. BUT WHAT OF THOSE TRAPPED IN THE MIDDLE? WHAT SIDE WILL THEY CHOOSE? I love Tony Jay’s meaningless gibberish philosophy. I guess the Skeleton Warriors writers couldn’t bother to actually write meaning into their bumpers since the writing staff were probably Korean slave labor. I mean, the animators were, after all? Stay in school!

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  1. Bowlingballhead

    I can’t wait to see what squeaky clean goobers are the good guys. Although this looks like it might be one of those shows where the good guys are hideous just to go HA HA WE ARE SO EDGY AND DIFFERENT.

  2. admin

    Ah, I see you’ve watched the Flower Fugitives episode of MLP Gen 1 !

  3. Mr. Casual

    Wasn’t this arc about a head-shearing murderer? By the time he shows up, he’s just going to “nope!” his way out again.

  4. admin


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