Malleus Maleficarum!
425 – Pizza Party

Just in time for the Halloween season, it’s something GHOSTLY with the MOSTLY TOASTLY!!!! Or rather serial killers, who are also kind of Halloweeny. Also also how about a nice Halloween riddle? Do you know why ghosts can’t have babies? Give up? Cuz they have HOLLOW WEENIES!!! You can thank third grade for that bon mot. Also also also big news is coming! I’ve got some really exciting announcement coming soon, so watch this space! It’s EXCITING.

In the meantime, remember that my text game Guttersnipe: St. Hesper’s Asylum for the Criminally Mischievous is still part of IFComp 2017! You still have time to vote for your top 5 favorite (or not favorite) games, whether mine is among them or not.

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  1. Mr. Casual

    The . . . Larch?

  2. admin

    Consider it!

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