Malleus Maleficarum!
430 – Space Ghost

Finally, we learn the truth about Lazerblazt! They’re from the Ghost Zone! You’ve heard of the Ghost Zone, right? It’s the zone with all the ghosts.

I’ve been a little quiet here lately, cuz I’ve been super busy with a BIG PROJECT which you might have heard about. Firebrat is now up on Kickstarter! You guys may remember Firebrat, the big Christmas story, but, if not, Becky and Nate go to the North Pole to meet Santa and instead encounter all sorts of crazy Christmas monsters!! Well, now it’s finally going to get a release in ACTUAL paper from Vivid Pubilshing! This is a huge deal. The kickstarter needs to reach $4500 to get funded, but we’re almost halfway there. If youe njoyed Firebrat or any of my comics, consider taking a look and supporting this! There are all sorts of great prizes for donors, so if you like AWESOME MERCH, you should totally back us!

Best of all, if we reach our stretch goal… Firebrat will actually be IN COLOR!!! It’s gonna look so good!

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  1. Mazed

    Merry christmas!! C:

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