Malleus Maleficarum!
080 – Rags the Riveter

Whoa, what’s this? Weren’t we just in the middle of a storyline? Wasn’t Lil’ Ragamuffin just about to face off against Boxcar Calpurnia the Mad Hob Queen herself? Well, sort of. Unfortunately, I’ve been busy with a number of writing projects this week that take precedence over this comic because they actually result in me being paid cash moneys, so I haven’t had the chance to complete this week’s strips. So Guttersnipe will be taking a short break for the next week until I can get my act together. Check back on April 19 for the exciting conclusion of this ripping yarn!

In the meantime, enjoy this pic from Lil’ Ragamuffin’s future circa 1940, when our heroine had become a young lady and joined the good fight against the Fuehrer. Lil’ Ragamuffin’s contribution to the war effort was later immortalized in the classic film “The Plot to Kill Hitler’s Dog.” Truth.

Unrelated, I just realized that one of last week’s comics failed to publish because of a glitch in Comicpress, which, I should point out, is a really shitty bit of…thing that makes comics update on time. So that whole bit with Rags and her dad flying in an apple just came out of nowhere. Also, you people probably thought that I missed a day. Cripes, that annoys me. I tried so hard to make my deadline and then a software bug steals my victory from me. Well, now I can feel like my current vacation is justified, sorta, maybe, I guess. Anyway, the missing comic is now up, back where God intended it.

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