Malleus Maleficarum!
111 – The Call of Calamari

I’ve never read much H.P. Lovecraft, so I can’t really comment on his writing that much.  Although he had some amusing ideas, I really cannot stand his stilted and overblown writing style; he writes like a teenager desperately trying to convince the reader that he’s ADULT by using archaic ten-dollar words.  Seriously,

However, like Jesus, I find Lovecraft’s fanclub to be a lot more annoying than he is.  Oh, yes yes, you’ve got your CTHULU + PALIN bumperstickers all ready for 2012, have you? How droll. I’m sure that’s a totally original joke that certainly WON’T be overplayed by the bumper of every nerd car in America, right between the DO NOT MEDDLE IN THE AFFAIRS OF DRAGONS FOR YOU ARE CRUNCHY AND TASTE GOOD WITH KETCHUP and the I BRAKE FOR BEHOLDERS stickers.

However, if I may blow my own horn for a moment, I really do like the way that flying space cucumber turned out.  You nerds should feel free to leave as many YOU STUPID MUNDANE IT’S AN OLD ONE comments as you feel are necessary below.

Also, I am aware that “Keepers of the Silver Twilight” was actually the name of a roleplaying game based on the Lovecraft mythos rather than an actual Lovecraft book, so sue me.

Unrelated, I hope you guys have been reading Steph Cherrywell’s Intragalactic.  If so, you might have noticed that Scatchi dressed up like Lil’ Ragamuffin for Halloween. Isn’t that cute? What a great holiday!


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