Malleus Maleficarum!
112 – An Author’s Work

Let’s not mince words: H.P. Lovecraft was an insane bigot.  I know a lot of fanboys like to ignore that fact and pretend that he was just a man of his time, so next time some ginger neckbeard in a fedora takes a break from playing Settlers of Catan and reading  Principia Discordia to pontificate about how Lovecraft was just the bee’s knees, then you might want to point him to this particular Lovecraftian poem. (WARNING! LINK IS OFFENSIVE AND POSSIBLY TRIGGERING!!!)  In reality, Lovecraft was a frothing racist even by the not-exactly-progressive standards of the 1920s.  The only argument that you can make in his favor is that he wasn’t strictly a racist per se because his bigotry extended to almost anyone who wasn’t  an upperclass Englishman regardless of color.  Lovecraft was apparently an extreme Anglophile who considered Victorian England to be the height of civilization, and his private letters are filled with vile descriptions of degenerate “mud races” like blacks, Asians and Jews.  I won’t repeat his descriptions here for fear that this wacky, light-hearted comic about a charming orphan girl will start appearing right under stormfront in Google searches by klansmen, assuming that klansmen can operate computers.

Oh yeah, he also hated poor people.

In closing, H.P. Lovecraft: What a piece of shit.  Also, not all that good a writer.


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