Malleus Maleficarum!
115 – The Gathering of the Bunch of Guys

So this is kind of exciting, Guttersnipe was reviewed by the Digital Strips webcomic podcast.  I’m a little surprised, but no such thing as bad publicity.

I just wish they wouldn’t ramble about nothing for twenty minutes before getting to the important part.  I’m sitting there all UGH UGH UGH SO NERVOUS GET TO THE PART WHERE YOU TALK ABOUT MEEEEEEEEEEE (and the whole time I’m vaguely suspicious that, when they get to the comic, it’s going to turn out to be some entirely different webcomic that just happens to be called Guttersnipe too.)

They said it was like Skadi but worse. I wonder if I can start using that in my advertising?

A lot of their comments had to do with little niggling problems — the gutters are too thin, the word balloons too cramped, the lettering too high res — and I think those were pretty spot on. These are things that I sort of knew about but had convinced myself that they weren’t TOO bad.  Well, good to hear from an impartial source that, in fact, they are TOO bad.  So hopefully that’s something I can fix with a little work.

They also didn’t like my use of color. Personally, I always thought that the limited red and gray color palette was one of the best things about Guttersnipe. I was hoping it would be evocative of the era, the same way that the sepia filters on the Cohen Brother’s “O Brother Where Art Thou” really brought home the grit and grime of the Great Depression.  I think I’ll probably keep the colors, unless anyone has any strong opinions?  What do you people think?  I’d like to hear from YOU, the salt of the earth, the real American comic-reading public.

These reviewers were also less than thrilled about my little between-story filler pages, which tend to be a little text heavy.  Anyone who reads Guttersnipe, I would be interested in hearing your take on those pages.  Do they amuse you enough that it’s worth still doing them even if they don’t really include any pictures?  Or would you rather have no updates if I can’t get around to drawing a proper story-arc comic?

Another interesting point they brought up was that language in Guttersnipe is kind of inconsistent, in that, in one strip, Rags uses the phrase “H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks” but elsewhere hoboes use the word “cock.”  I think it’s logical to write different characters to use language differently, so I’m not going to worry TOO much about the fact that some characters swear and others don’t.  Also, I think I used the word “fuck” somewhere at one point, salty dog that I am, because I like to think that my readers are adults who can handle a bit of blue.  See?  Remember that, folks, Guttersnipe is the one webcomic that really respects its audience enough to treat it like grown-ups.  I hope you all keep that in mind.  This is also the only comic that will buy you liquor.


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