Malleus Maleficarum!
150 – The Sporting Life

Bare Knuckle Baby Brawling was second only to Baby Pit Fighting in terms of popularity in 1929. True story!

Speaking of which, who wants free art?

Kids, do you like art? Do you like art that you can get for freeeeeeeee? Well, if you answered yes, then you will want to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to get some FREE ART.  I am giving away a free piece of art (B&W inked, usual price $15) for anyone who buys a copy of my upcoming book Malleus Maleficarum.

Don’t think this is a great deal? Let me break it down for you.  For nine bucks – that’s less than you probably spend everyday on food and drink – you get this fine book, which includes, inside a beautiful matte cover, 130 plus pages of hilarious, informative, educational comics. This is the book that started the late medieval witch hunting craze, adapted into easy-to-read comic format for the first time ever.  Impress your friends with your sudden erudition in all matters witchloric!  Ward off any annoying Wiccans who try to sell you Chakra beads when you pull out this traumatizing reminder of the Burning Tymes!  Laugh yourself silly at the stupid things that people used to believe! And then furrow your brow in concerned silence as you muse on the 40,000 people who were burned to death on account of those beliefs!  And then smile as you remember that you get a FREE prize with purchase!

Even by itself, this book is more than worth such a low low price but that’s not all you’ll be getting.  Anyone who purchases this book has the chance to get an extra piece of art (B&W inked, usual price $15) absolutely free. FREE! That means you get AN ENTIRE BOOK PLUS AN ORIGINAL PIECE OF ART DRAWN TO YOUR INDIVIDUAL SPECIFICATIONS for less than you’d normally pay JUST FOR THE ART.

It’s easy to claim your free art.  Here’s what you have to do:

1)      Go to to buy your copy.  Then simply send a screencap of your receipt to thenewmeat[at] (Please blank out all your personal identifying info, though!) along with any instructions for your art.

2)      But I already bought my copy weeks ago! I hear you cry, and I already deleted the receipt! What about me? Never fear, I got you covered.  If you can’t send a copy of your receipt, just wait till your copy of the book arrives and then take a photo of yourself holding it. And then send that to same email address above, along with any instructions for your art.

Remember, you can get an inked B&W picture of anything you want, although I would ask you to please keep in mind the limits of my drawing abilities.

(I’m sorry that I have to insist on some proof that people actually bought the book before I can do any free art.  I know most of you are trustworthy, but there’s a certain someone WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS who takes any opportunity they can to try and scam free art out of me and I really don’t need that hassle.  If you think it’s not worth your time to send a screencap, then, well, let’s just say that it’s your loss – you won’t find a better deal anywhere.)

Act now because you’ll want to lock in that pre-order price guarantee! I can’t guarantee how long that price will last or, more importantly, how long this offer will last.  I’ll be shutting it down once I get too tired to make any more free stuff, so GET ON IT NOW.


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