Malleus Maleficarum!
160 – God Bless Us, Everyone!

So, anyway, Christian Witch.  While I was at APE, my friend found an amazing advertisement on the free table, a badly smudged xerox promoting what was apparently a comic called “Christian Witch.” The flier contained no email address, website or table number; nothing but the author’s actual physical address and multiple copyright notices. I only found out later, by pure luck, that the author, Darren “The Raw Deal” Linzie, had a booth at the show, so I stopped by to chat with him. Darren Linzie’s earnestness was frankly charming, so I had to buy the first two issues of “Christian Witch” as well as another comic called “Taskforce” and something called “The Afrimericans,” which actually seems to be a series of ads for other comics that Linzie hasn’t made yet. (I passed on the variant cover of “Christian Witch”) It’s a brilliant example of horror vacui and outsider art.

The story of “Christian Witch” is a little hard to follow, so I’ll explain briefly. It mostly seems to be about aliens attacking an “art and soul” festival in Oakland. A superhero based on the author fights and defeats them, with the help of two women (neither of whom appears to be the Christian Witch). Meanwhile, the real Christian Witch is in church because her dad won’t let her go to the festival, but then a half-demon elf named Mister Sir Jonah appears to warn her that her friends are in danger. The issue ends with her friends being menaced by someone called Taskub, whom in Issue 2 is revealed to be a “devil tribesman(?)”.

After the main story, we see a series of single page comics, reminiscient of the short strips you sometimes see in the back of Archie comics. My favorite is the Gloriou$, the richest girl in Oakland. Linzie mentions Dan DeCarlo as an inluence somewhere, so I assume that he was inspired by Veronica Lodge.

I don’t want to post the actual comics because, well, I don’t want to spoil Mr. Linzie’s hard work! If you enjoy comics at all, you owe it to yourself to search out Darren “The Raw Deal” Linzie and get some of these comics for yourself.  But here’s just the opening pages to whet your appetite.


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