Malleus Maleficarum!
008 – Dead or Alive

As you can see, Lil’ Ragamuffin has amassed quite a resume of vices in her short life.  It might interest you to know that Lil’ Ragamuffin is based on a real life street urchin who terrorized a small midwestern town in the 1930s, until defeated by a martial artist Indian half-breed World War One vet.

Of course, Lil’ Ragamuffin has many nicknames, most of them she bestowed upon herself to make herself sound tougher.  Urchining is all about self-promotion, after all.  And while urchins of the 30s built their reputations by giving themselves scary nicknames, modern day street urchins network on Twitter and Facebook.  It’s a fact in the Library of Congress.

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