Malleus Maleficarum!
010 – At the Old Abandoned White House

President Hoover isn’t content to let the free market sort out this problem! He’s being proactive!

I actually read somewhere that, prior to the Black Tuesday market crash, Herbert Hoover was actually regarded as a fairly good and competent president.  But, of course, history only ever remembers presidents for One Big Thing and Hoover’s One Big Thing happened to be being in office when the world economy fell to bits and people were forced to eat their babies to survive*.  Then again, Hoover was also apparently a staunch free market libertarian type, convinced that if he did nothing the Depression would just sort itself out.  I just don’t know what to believe about this enigmatic character.  I suppose I could educate myself by picking up a book, but I think I’ll just wait for Kate Beaton to make a cartoon about it.  That would be a lot funnier.

In any case, Hoover is depicted here as a fat manbaby.

* – Might not be true


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