Malleus Maleficarum!
014 – Breakin’ Tables

This is my favorite strip so far.  You know how long it took me to think of all those era-appropriate pulp superheroes that Lil’ Ragamuffin lists?  A good ten minutes, that’s what.  I hope you appreciate that.

Speaking of which, do you like to laugh?

Well, then you should be aware that Steph Cherrywell, whom I have on good authority heard is the FUNNIEST PERSON on the Internet, is coming out with a brand new comic, available on PAPER.  It is called Widgey Q. Butterfluff, about the cutest little fairy…thing in all of Snugglepump Valley. if you’re like me and remember growing up with that My Little Ponies-Care Bears-Strawberry Shortcake trifecta of late 80s schmaltziness, you are guaranteed to love this dead-on parody.  Steph has graciously let me read some of her work in advance and I say with complete confidence that it is hysterical.  So you should go preorder yours today.

“But Agouti,” I hear you say, “that all sounds well and good, but I’m reluctant to commit to this purchase without knowing that this book contains, in addition to nigh ten* chapters of trademark-Cherrywell hilarity, an illustration by one Agouti-Rex as well.”  Well, good news, my friends! Your fears of an Agouti-free book should NOT stop you from buying this collection IMMEDIATELY because, yes, I do in fact have an illustration in it.  And you know, you know DAMN WELL, that Agouti-Rex never consents to include his illustrations in anything but the highest quality comical entertainments.  This is an endorsement you can trust.

Don’t delay! Order yours yesterday!


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