Malleus Maleficarum!
220 – Catskin

See? Get it? Lil’ Ragamuffin was Catskin the whole time!  If you’ve forgotten who or what Catskin is, allow me to direct you to this handy explanation. (Just scroll down to view the blogpost under the comic.)  So, as I warned earlier, this is where we’re going to leave Lil’ Ragamuffin and crew for now.  There’s a new story that I’ve been wanting to tell for quite a while now, and, well, I’ve decided I might as well go ahead and tell it.  That’s not to say that Rags and the urchins are gone for good. Lil’ Ragamuffin, Percy, and the lot still have an important part to play in this new project, although it might not be immediately clear what that part is.  When you return to this website on Tuesday (and I hope you will), there will be something different. You might think from the first page that you know exactly how Rags will figure into this new world, but, trust me, you won’t have the full story, not yet.

But you know what it WILL be? The perfect story for the approaching summer season.


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  1. Taral Wayne

    I have to admit, I didn’t see that coming. I remember the open end you left to that Catskin plot, and it always bugged me … now I see why. Either you are one devious plotter, or this coming together this way was the result of a monstrous stroke of good luck

  2. Mr. Casual

    Always look forward to your works, A.R. :)

    Bet it was weird to draw “Rags Classic” after so long.

  3. admin

    @Mr.Casual: It took a little while before my hand remembered how to draw her hair XD

  4. LinusMines

    The biggest monster us crumbums ever seen!

  5. admin

    @taral: There’s a method to the madness!

    @linusmines: She said she’d do it, and she done it!

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