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226 1/2 – Hangerheads

When I was a kid, I used to be scared of the hangers in my closet. I didn’t think they were alive or anything, but I had a weird need to have the hook of the hangers always turned to the wall because otherwise they might “see” me as I slept.

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  1. YourObedientSerpent

    At first, I thought, “wow, I could make an abortion joke here, but it would be in really bad taste.”

    And then I thought, “wait, this is MIKE’S site.”

  2. HPAlpha

    when I was a kid I always thought the moon was watching me, I hated seeing the moon from my window

  3. Agouti-Rex

    @HPAlpha: O____O

  4. admin

    @YourObedientSerpent: No joke is too tasteless here! XD

  5. QuietlyThundering

    I’ve gotta be honest, I kinda expected an abortion joke too. XD
    When I was a kid, I didn’t like my blinds or my curtains open when I was asleep. Even though I had an upstairs room, I was constantly paranoid that SOMETHING was out there, and that it was waiting for me to fall sleep so that it could pounce…also, I was afraid of the dark. These fears never exactly left me, even though I’m an adult now, though they have slightly changed. Hooray for progress!!!!!

  6. Agouti-Rex

    @Quietlythundering: The dark is a common one! I don’t think we ever really outgrow that.

  7. Mr. Casual

    This is what I’m talking about, A.R.! You’d do a wonderful scary-menagerie. And not just folklore ones, I mean the ones you make up.

    When I was very young, I used to believe (hallucinate?) that my darkened room at night was growing larger, until I was only a speck in this cavernous, shadowy room.

    Crazy stuff.

  8. Agouti-Rex

    @Mr.Casual: Aw, thanks! :) And oh man, I used to have that same hallucination! Something about the dark really plays with your eyes and head, huh?

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