Malleus Maleficarum!
238 – Doubting Thomases

Some people are just never satisfied!


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  1. LinusMines

    Did Red just turn into a girl?!? :D

  2. Agouti-Rex

    @Linusmines: No, he caught sight of one!

  3. LinusMines

    @A-R: Just double-checking…this whole thing *is* suspicious after all.

    (I like how the two others are pointing at her with “NUH-UH AIN’T ME” expressions.)

  4. Agouti-Rex

    @LinusMines: They don’t want to get blamed for those sparkles!

  5. QuietlyThundering

    It’s like that bad dream where you meet the love of your life, and then you realize you’re in your underwear :P
    Except, you know, with Santa!

  6. Agouti-Rex

    @QuietlyThundering: I usually just have the dream where I’m late for a test!

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