Malleus Maleficarum!
250 – The Perfect Storm

A lot of people noted that there is, somewhere around there, a train.  Although they all arrived via the Arctic Express, you’ll recall that Nate established that the train never returned for their pick-up as promised.  It’s possible that it’s still parked somewhere around the North Pole, but the kids don’t know where and don’t seem inclined to waste time looking.  BEcky is ready to push on hope, so walking it is!

I kind of brushed over the fact that they’re all barefoot and in pajamas as they walk through a blizard. I intentionally didn’t want to call too much attention to that, but I hope that knowledge will inform the audience and allow you all to wince in empathetic frostbite.


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  1. quietlythundering

    So presumably, 1000 years from now (after it all melts and Earth is one tropical paradise) their frozen corpses will be discovered and put on display in a museum?
    “We do not know the purpose of a bunny suit. We assume they were sacrificed in a bizarre, ancient winter ritual.”

  2. Bowlingballhead

    I still know what happens neeeext!

  3. LinusMines

    Just wanted to say that I’m still a fan of the comic, A-R, despite my poor reading schedule of late.

    Also, jailbreak!

  4. LinusMines

    All I wanna know is what happens next… :)

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