Malleus Maleficarum!


1. Urchin Antics – Lil’ Ragamuffin harasses the local constabulary and meets her new friend, Percy the sewer rat.

2. Dr. Cuddles, Phd – Classic, golden-age science fiction with bosomy ladies.

3. The Great Escape – Lil’ Ragamuffin is apprehended and sent to the hoosegow for crimes of high urchinry. But they haven’t built a clink that can hold this tatterdemalion..

4. Your World – Yesterday! – A look-back on science, culture and society, as such,  as they existed circa 1929.

5. The Grisly Blood-Soaked Horror of Catskin – Lil’ Ragamuffin confronts the most terrifying boogieman ever to haunt the dream’s of our nation’s cowering urchin populace.

6. Hobocalypse Now! – Lil’ Ragamuffin is hired by bootleggers to make a perilous journey across the hobo-infested wasteland.

7. The Connected UNIVAC Network – Percy introduces Rags to the wonders of modern technology.

8. Fanstravaganza! – Some delightful artwork from alert readers!

9. H.P. Lovecraft’s Fun-Time Read-along – H.P. Lovecraft was a popular writer in the 30s.  You may have heard of him.

10.  The Combatants – The kids get lost behind enemy lines.  How are they gonna get outta this one?

11. The Death of Rapscallius – The heavens lie in ruins.

12. The Entanglement with Reckless Child Endangerment! – Rags participates in a rematch against her old Bareknuckle Baby Brawling rival, The Hungarian.

13. Fanstravaganza 2! - More delightful artwork from alert readers!

14. Urchin Revolution – When urchins finally rise up against the plutocratic overlords of Wall Street, the results are as hilarious as a gang of Pinkertons bashing in the skulls of striking coal miners. By which we mean, not very. Not very at all.

15. The Death and Undeath of Lil’ Ragamuffin – Our Darkest Story yet.

16. The Eyes of the Cat – The Just-So Story about how Lil’ Ragamuffin got her eyes. I like this story because it’s based on actual Rio Grande tales of witchcraft.

17. Something Wicked this Way Comes – Percy’s quest to save Lil’ Ragamuffin leads him to the place where fun goes to die, the dreaded Dark Carnival.

18. The Fright Before Christmas – Becky learns the true meaning of Christmas: Absolute Terror!

19. I Eat Babies – Nate meets the things that live under his bed.

20. The Good Shepherd – Becky and Nate meet a stranger in the forest.

21. Fashion – Bogmoggy tries the latest fashions.

22. Becky’s Suspicions – Becky doesn’t trust something that lives under the bed.

23. Cook’s Tour – Bogmoggy introduces us to her home.

24. Down in the Darkness – Bogoggy introduces Nate and Becky to her home.

25. Beware the Snatchengrabber – Something awful lurking in the closet…

26. An Urchin Everyday – A cross-section of Garbagetown Urchins circa 1929

27. Back from the Woods – Nate and Becky start back to civilization, but Becky is still suspicious of Bogmoggy.

28. Spare Parts – Lil’ Ragamuffin and Percy infiltrate an abandoned factory and encounter something lurking in the darkness.

29. Red’s Treehouse – Nate looks for help to rescue Becky.

30. Skelevision – In 1987, computer nerd BetaMax has to stop an interdimensional skeleton invasion.

31. A Rude Awakening – Becky awakens to find herself captured by something that wishes her ill…

32. Skelevision: Lazerwraith – BetaMax and Totally 80s Mercedes search for the origin of the Skelevision disks.


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