Malleus Maleficarum!


I occasionally create interactive text adventure games under the name Bitter Karella. If you like Guttersnipe, here are a few little games about kids in peril that I authored and that you might also enjoy.

898fcbea-7b4e-400e-bd41-36e0b32b02e8 coverNight House

You’re eight years old. You wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. But you soon realize that not everything is as it seems in this house tonight. Where has everyone gone? Things look different in the dark. Night House is an atmospheric text adventure written in Quest 5.5 and vaguely set in the Guttersnipe universe. Play it online or download a copy to your desktop. It requires the Quest program (downloadable at UkTextadventures) to play offline.

Night House was an entrant in IFComp 2016 and placed 8th out of 58. Special thanks to play testers The Pixie, Egghead Cheesybird, Steph Cherrywell, Norman Rafferty, Rich Finn, Holden Crick, and Khatoblepas! BE AWARE! Uktextadventures will time out your session if you’re not logged in. Download is recommended for best experience.

Having trouble? You can also read a walk-through.


The Curious Incia72a881b-5c68-465c-acce-e17f39a4ef20dent at Blackrock Township

The incident began in 1705 at Blackrock Township in the Province of Massachusetts Bay in the house of the Rev. Steadfast Hopkins.

After evenmeal, the reverend’s daughter fell into a violent fit.

When Ezola Midnight is accused of causing the fits with witchcraft, her responses will determine her fate. Will she be hanged as a witch? Or will she go free?

This is a Twine game that placed 8th place out of 16 in ECTOCOMP 2016. Play it online!



Guttersnipe: Carnival of Regrets

A mysterious stranger entices famed street urchin Lil’ Ragamuffin to visit a local carnival with a promise of unlimited free corn dogs, but you soon realize that there’s something sinister happening at this circus: For one thing, you can’t leave! For another, there sure are a lot of UNSETTLING clowns around here. Guttersnipe: Carnival of Regrets is a short comedy puzzler with a somewhat twisted sense of grotesque humor  (Warning for some raunchy humor and mild Lovecraftian body horror elements, but nothing worse than you’d see in, say, an episode of Flapjack), so give it a looksy if that’s up your alley!

(Also, just for fun, the game has a built-in hint system! If you get stuck, you can ask your sewer rat companion about various topics and he might even have some helpful responses to set you on the right track!)

Guttersnipe: Carnival of Regrets won the alumni choice ribbon in the 2017 Spring Thing competition of interactive fiction. Special thanks to play testers Tosh Bibb, Norman Rafferty, Steph Cherrywell, Sarah Adams, Siadmander, and Scroll Lock! BE AWARE! Uktextadventures will time out your session if you’re not logged in. Download is recommended for best experience.

Guttersnipe: St. Hesper’s Asylum for the Criminally Mischievous

BE AWARE! Uktextadventures will time out your session if you’re not logged in and online play may experience lag. Download is HIGHLY recommended for best experience.

The year is 1929. You are Lil’ Ragamuffin, the roughest toughest urchin in all of Garbagetown DC and the surrounding wastes of Montgomery County, but somehow the constabulary has managed to capture you and commit you to the city’s highest security asylum. You don’t aim to stay long.

Guttersnipe: St. Hesper’s Asylum for the Criminally Mischievous is a humorously grotesque (or grotesquely humorous) game about a street urchin and her pet sewer rat escaping a sanitarium full of tinctures, brines, and other misbegotten 1920s health remedies.

This game won 14th place in the 2017 Interactive Fiction Competition. Special thanks to play testers Sarah Adams, Jake Strick, Capslock, Norman Rafferty, and Steph Cherrywell!

All Visitors Welcome

Sloane Rock SHP was established in 1920 to help preserve the legacy of Lazarus Sloane and his many cultural and economic contributions to the history of the state of California. A visit to Sloane Rock SHP is like taking a step back in time to the exciting days of the Gold Rush. Much of the upper acreage of the park remains just as it did back when Sloane first set eyes upon it way back in the late 1800s, so it’s a good place to get a feel for our shared history as Californians. This game will help familiarize you with some of the more interesting features of the park. We hope that you enjoy your visit and leave with many happy memories. All Visitors Welcome is a short atmospheric horror game that won 10th place in EctoComp 2017.


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