Malleus Maleficarum!


I occasionally create interactive text adventure games under the name Bitter Karella. If you like Guttersnipe, here are a few little games about kids in peril that I authored and that you might also enjoy.

898fcbea-7b4e-400e-bd41-36e0b32b02e8 coverNight House

You’re eight years old. You wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. But you soon realize that not everything is as it seems in this house tonight. Where has everyone gone? Things look different in the dark. Night House is an atmospheric text adventure written in Quest 5.5 and vaguely set in the Guttersnipe universe. Play it online or download a copy to your desktop. It requires the Quest program (downloadable at UkTextadventures) to play offline.

Night House was an entrant in IFComp 2016 and placed 8th out of 58. Special thanks to play testers The Pixie, Egghead Cheesybird, Steph Cherrywell, Norman Rafferty, Rich Finn, Holden Crick, and Khatoblepas! BE AWARE! Uktextadventures will time out your session if you’re not logged in. Download is recommended for best experience.

Having trouble? You can also read a walk-through.



The Curious Incia72a881b-5c68-465c-acce-e17f39a4ef20dent at Blackrock Township

The incident began in 1705 at Blackrock Township in the Province of Massachusetts Bay in the house of the Rev. Steadfast Hopkins.

After evenmeal, the reverend’s daughter fell into a violent fit.

When Ezola Midnight is accused of causing the fits with witchcraft, her responses will determine her fate. Will she be hanged as a witch? Or will she go free?

This is a Twine game that placed 8th place out of 16 in ECTOCOMP 2016. Play it online!




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