Malleus Maleficarum!

The Skelevision Trilogy

Skelevision is a three-volume comic tribute to all things totally 80s! In 1987, computer geek BetaMax Miller receives a mysterious floppy disk, labeled only as Skelevision, in the mail. But when he sticks it in his Apple Macintosh 128K, he realizes that Skelevision is more than just a game: It’s an interdimensional gateway between our world and the Bone Zone, a strange dimension of unrelenting calcified horror inhabited by skeletons — skeletons hungry for conquest! Together with his valley girl babysitter Totally 80s Mercedes and an interdimensional cop trapped in the body of a cat, BetaMax has to stop Queen Clavicle and her fossilized hordes before she turns earth into one giant boneyard! Radical to the max!


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