Malleus Maleficarum!


Present Day Cast

smallbog Bogmoggy is a juvenile bogeyman that lives under Nate’s bed. (First Appearance: Strip 253)

becky Becky Pilliwinks is a feisty and headstrong young girl with an irrepressible love for unicorns and unicorn-related accessories. She learned everything she knows from holiday specials on television and she doesn’t like to go to bed when her father tells her to. Becky bears a substantial resemblance to Lil’ Ragamuffin. (First Appearance: Strip 221)

nate Nate Sponge is a friend of Becky’s. Although rather timid, he’s also got a good head on his shoulders and a masterful eye for detail. He tends to be more skeptical than Becky. (First Appearance: Strip 227)

redfire Red Menace is a bully. He looks strangely similar to a kid with the same name in 1929. (First Appearance: Strip 227)

mugfire Mugsy Fisticuffs is Red’s right-hand man. He looks strangely similar to a kid with the same name in 1929. (First Appearance: Strip 227)

smallangelaAngela Miserywhip is Red’s main squeeze. She thinks he’s pretty cool at first, but she starts to sour on him when he reveals his true colors. (First Appearance: Strip 238)




1929 Cast


Lil’ Ragamuffin is a street urchin, the bane of fruit sellers and apple mongers everywhere and public enemy number one. She hates fancy things like hygiene and grammar.  Among other trinkets, she always carries a bottle of poison sumac, a possum skull and a silver locket that supposedly contains a portrait of the long-lost parents she never knew. She’s also quite adept at playing the gypsy fiddle. (First Appearance: Strip 1)

Sir Percival Throckmorton Scruffs esq., Eighth Viscount of Lower Hemmingwedge-on-the-Fritz is a sewer rat. The soothing yin to Lil’ Ragamuffin’s splenetic yang,  he’s obviously the brains of the outfit.  He claims to have once been the pet of Henry Ford, as well as a barred attorney, a licensed physician, and a comparative literature professor. (First Appearance: Strip 5)

“Red” Menace is the head of the Apple Cobbler Gang, a notorious urchin swarm. (First Appearance: Strip 14)

Mugsy Fisticuffs is Red’s right-hand man.  What he lacks in brains he makes up for in loyalty. (First Appearance: Strip 14)

Mary Mangdana is a member of Red’s gang. She appears to be Red’s main squeeze. (First Appearance: Strip 28)

The Straggletag is a mysterious urchin who likes to deliver ominous warnings and unsettling prophesies. (First Appearance: Strip 29)

Herbert Hoover is the president of the United States. He became president after sending in fifteen cereal boxtops in a contest.  Hoover likes bright colors and easily understood things.  He dislikes work. He often travels on The Matron’s back via papoose. (First Appearance: Strip 10)

The Matron is the U.S. Urchinfinder General.  A strict no-nonsense virago with the mentality of a sorority house mother and the sexy looks of a librarian about to let her hair down, her previous jobs included working as the proprietor of the St. James Workhouse and the warden of the Heidelberg Karzer. She is also, apparently, a Vassar graduate. (First Appearance: Strip 10)

Old Scratch is the devil, the adversary, el diablo, the prince of darkness — Percy describes him as a “crimson pachuco.” He lives in the Shadowlands, a bizarre hallucinatory dreamscape that resembles a 1920s inkblot cartoon.  Old Scratch has a granddaughter and a grandmother but no daughter or mother. No one, not even he himself, knows why this is. He also appears in Witchprickers.  (First Appearance: Strip 41)

Kitty Scratch is the devil’s fat, spoiled granddaughter. Kitty is an obnoxious self-centered brat who isn’t really interested in anything that doesn’t involve her eating.  She also appears in Witchprickers. (First Appearance: Strip 43)

Skunk-Face Sally and Two-Eyed Mulligan are a pair of gangsters and bootleggers. Skunk-Face Sally suffers from Rhinehofer’s Syndrome. (First Appearance: Strip 54)

Boxcar Calpurnia the Mad Hobo Queen is the despotic ruler of the Wandering Men.  She rules the vast wasteleand that was once the middle third of the United States before it succeeded to become the sovereign nation of Hobotopia. She lives at the top of the Big Rock Candy Mountain. (First Appearance: Strip 69)


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