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About Guttersnipe!

All children know that the dark corners of the world are filled with bogeymen who like nothing better than to eat naughty little kids. But one kid had the gumption, the moxie AND the chutzpah to stand up to this nocturnal menace. These are the stories of a mysterious stranger without a name and her name is Becky Pilliwinks, a drifter from another school district with a past shrouded in secrecy and a thirst for justice and Hi-C coolers. Together with a band of brave warriors, she took up arms to defeat all the ghoulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties and things that go bump in the night. They fought an epic battle to be retold in story and jumping rope rhyme on playgrounds for generations to come. Intriguing Mysteries! Exotic locations! Weird Monsters! This comic has it all!

Every year, one group of lucky kids are handpicked to travel to the North Pole to visit Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Of course, 8 year old Becky knows exactly what to expect when she arrives in Santa’s Workshop; she’s watched tons of Christmas specials, the best source for information about that jolly old elf.  But when they arrive, they both finds that things are… just a little bit different than expected. And Santa might have his own reasons for bringing them all here.

ragsBut it wasn’t always about that…

If you read back in the archives, you’ll see that Guttersnipe is also the story of a long distant ancestor of Becky’s named Lil’ Ragamuffin. Her story began in 1929, when the devastating Wall Street crash of Black Tuesday plunged the United States, and the world, into the Great Depression, but it continues to intersect with Becky’s life in strange and unexpected ways. The streets of Washington DC (rechristened Garbagetown in honor of the era’s most popular construction material) are a dark and trecherous place, patrolled by the most dangerous of all carnivores: urchins.  Driven to lives of  thievery and back-sassery by the Depression, these notorious feral children roam the streets in deadly swarms, chucking mushy apples at the hats of fat cats and stealing pies left to cool on windowsills. No one is safe.  President Herbert Hoover has declared a state of national emergency as the military, the US Urchinfinder Corps, and a massive army of hired Pinkertons struggle to bring this orphan menace under control.

But the worst, most terrible urchin of all is the incorrigible guttersnipe known as Lil’ Ragamuffin.   Her constant companion on these adventures is Sir Percival “Percy” Throckmorton Scruffs, an educated talking sewer rat of refined tastes. Together, this pair terrorizes the good people of Garbagetown worse than the Kaiser terrorizes a palette of pork sausages on Fasching.

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Do you like Guttersnipe? We hope you do! Guttersnipe is the only webcomic on the Internet that’s made in the authentic style of 1920s newspaper comics. That means that we use 100% orphan labor in our printing, distribution, and clean up! We employ orphan oilies to pull the levers on our spirit duplicator, orphan custodians to mop up the spilled isopropanol, and orphan pinkertons to break up strikes by our orphan laborers.  You can support us by linking to us on your own page.  We’ve even got some nice icons you can use:








About the Creator

I am Mike Rosen, the cartoonist responsible for Internet abominations Guttersnipe and Murry Purry Fresh and Furry. My work has appeared in Furrlough, Genus, Golddigger, and Monsterhaus. My first graphic novel, Malleus Maleficarum, is now available from SLG Publishing; my second graphic novel, Misunderstanding Comics, was co-written with LA comedian and filmmaker Tim Heiderich and funded by a successful Kickstarter.  I also edited the Muffintop anthology, published in association with Sin Factory Comics, and I was a special guest at 2014 Midwest Media Expo, where I presented panels on self-publishing comics and also DINOSAUCERS.

I love talking to people that have read my work, so if you feel the urge to drop me a line somehow, please do!  In fact, let me tell you the BEST ways to contact me!

Thenewmeat[at] (Please put “guttersnipe” in the subject line, so I know that you’re not the king of Nigeria. Thank you! )
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